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Bloom  2018 > Stan


Bloom is a mystery drama about the scarcity of time and the choices we make. Beyond the impulses of youth and the regrets of age lies a secret. One year after a devastating ood kills ve locals in an idyllic country town, a mysterious new plant appears with the power to restore their youth. It’s a gift powerful beyond wildest imaginings. A phenomenon so formidable that attempting to harness its potency means re-evaluating everything that’s important.
It’s a miracle some will kill to keep secret.

Two-time Oscar nominee Jacki Weaver (Silver Linings Playbook, Animal Kingdom) plays Gwen, a previously successful actress now suffering from Alzheimer’s.

Iconic actor, Bryan Brown (The Light Between Oceans, Red Dog: True Blue, Sweet Country) plays Ray, Gwen’s husband. Loving, gentle and intelligent, Ray has been forced to move his wife into a care facility due to her worsening Alzheimer’s. He is heartbroken that she no longer remembers him and he’ll do whatever he can to support her and keep her alive.

Returning to Australia from the US, Phoebe Tonkin (The Originals, Safe Harbour, The Vampire Diaries, The Affair) plays ‘rejuvenated’ Young Gwen: being suddenly young creates a tug of war between her adult self and her adolescent cravings.